About Us

Savages is an established family farm shop, nursery and florist situated in Blewbury, Oxfordshire where the Savage Family have lived for several generations. The business was started in the late 1950's by Tony and Pam Savage. Tony started as a horticulturist, growing small crops for local firms, leading to an increasing interest from the local community; and with that, Savages developed.

Tony and his Father built a small greenhouse to increase the supply of crops. However with his small but growing family of 2 children, he lived in a small caravan due to a lack of finance, so there was a huge risk in spending his money on the development of the business in an attempt to improve the life of his family. He started doing outside work to receive the finance needed for his family and new business. With this, he and his father built a small, but necessary, 10x20ft wooden building, which is often referred to by lifetime customers as the ‘original shed’. Soon, as the business continued to grow, Tony, his Father, and Tony’s two teenage sons (Richard and Christopher) were required to build a larger brick building, which was the beginning of the building we see today.

Over the years as Tony and Pam’s family continued to grow, so did Savages. Tony’s sons, accompanied by his eldest daughter Carol and her husband Mark, joined the business helping to further expand the building and greenhouses, developing the quaint farm shop to a garden centre and florist.

Although it was a slow process, Tony successfully built and created his business from small crops and little finance. Today Savages is still run by Tony’s youngest son, Richard, and his daughter Emily. Although now retired, if you’re lucky you can still find Tony growing produce and restoring the building, and if you have time he is always available for a chat.

Through steady growth, we have managed to develop Savages throughout the years. We are continuing to expand into new avenues and employ more staff within the local area as finances allow, keeping our aim and values strong, supporting our local community as they support us, and striving to provide excellent customer service and quality products at a competitive price.


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