Meet the Team

Mr and Mrs Savage

AKA Grandad and Nanny Savage who started Savages in the late 1950's and are still giving their time to the family business.


Richard and Emily Savage

The next two generations in the Savage family.

Amsterdam Marathon

A huge congratulations to Richard and Georgie Savage for completing the Amsterdam Marathon and raising money for two amazing local charities: Style Acre and The Tony Loy Trust. However stairs may be a problem for the next few days...

Charlie the Cockerel

Our most famous and likable team member!

Team Field Trip

The Savages Team on a field trip at Q Gardens, visiting the local farm that sources our fresh meat.

Product Research

You can take the boy out of Savages but you can't take Savages out of the boy... Richard testing the soil in Cyprus for next seasons Cyprus New Potatoes.

Thunderbirds 1 & 2!


Savages customer service... our minions are ready to help!

'The Charmer'

Watch out for this one! He's quite the charmer...

Designer Vegetables

Our new edition bringing style to the team - Miss Catwalk Carrot

Ice Bucket Challenge!

Delivery Team

Meet our friendly delivery and wholesale team lead by Jack, providing wholesale fruit & vegetables and floral arrangements for all your requirements.

Food Trade Shows

Mrs Gore and Dora the explorer visiting food trade shows to look for more yummy treats as well as healthy options for the shop. Watch out that leaves the boys in charge!

Congratulations Emily!

Congratulations to Emily Savage for graduating University with a first class honours degree in Business & Management!

Team Farm Trip

A fantastic trip to Lacey's Family Farm to learn about their Guernsey cows and the quality of their milk, which they supply to Savages.

Savages Rounders Team!

Savages Rounders Team - A fun event against Style Acre set up in 2012. Savages is yet to win their first game...